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We never stop pursuing the creation of value and the promotion of life for more than ten years.

Hanloong is established to clarify corporate culture, provide customized creative solution, and elevate cultural and commercial value for various clients.

Bearing these initial ideas in mind, Hanloong’s teams have accomplished dozens of projects all over China in the past decade. We call the projects we finished as “gallery”, because every case was a combination of creative design, hard work, and wonderful story.

We have done our utmost to achieve the goal of each project, not only because of the commitments to customers, but also because of the enthusiasm and pursuit to common good.

  • 创意咨询

    Spouting Spring Park

  • 品牌策略

    Theme Hall of Tang Dynasty

  • 文化战略

    Celadon Museum of Song Dynasty

  • 整合营销

    Forest Park of Qinhuangdao

  • img05

    ZhuYeQing Tea Company

  • 会展旅游

    Huguang Guild Hall

  • 教育培训

    Xieyuda at Mount Huang

  • 跨文化管理咨询

    Wuyutai Tea Company

  • 创意咨询

    Shunxing Tea House

  • 跨文化管理咨询

    Chengdu Courtyard

  • 创意咨询

    Laoshe Tea House

  • 创意咨询

    Intercontinental Lhasa Hotel

Project coordinator: Qiang Peng; Executive manager: Guodong Zhang; Chief designer: Ning Liu