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  • Design and Remodeling of ZhuYeQing Chain Stores

Zhuyeqing Tea Company

Design and Remodeling of ZhuYeQing Chain Stores

Zhu Ye Qing, the bamboo leaf green tea, is one type of green tea in China, and also the name of a company headquartered in Mount Emei, Sichuan. Invited by the chairman of the company, Hanloong’s team went to Mount Emei to help solve the problems in corporate culture and specialty store.


According to tea culture, the drinker can taste Zen in tea, which is called “Zen tea blindly” and can be experienced through the green tea Zhu Ye Qing. Meanwhile, Mount Emei is one of the Four Sacred Buddhist Mountains of China. Taken all these factors into account, including tea, Zen and Buddhist, the team added the elements and flavors of Sichuan, such as Sichan embroidery, Sichuan opera, Shadow puppet, the Sea of Bamboos and so on.


After blending and fusion, the mixed things lead to the remodeling of Zhu Ye Qing brand, and the design of chain stores. The style of such creation was defined as Neoclassicism:

to reduce the complications of classicism, and to abandon the complexity of decoration. By integrating the nostalgic romance with modern-life demand, the designer showed up the beauty of simplicity, and combined magnificent elegance with modern fashion, thus highlighted the aesthetic proposition and cultural implications.

The brand remodeling and redesign promoted the nation-wide extension of Zhu Ye Qing and the chain stores were spread all over China.