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Hanloong Service

Communication, cooperation, dedicated to create profound values for clients

Considering cultural differences between China and Canada, Hanloong is committed to creating cultural management solutions with respect to the tradition and distinction of cultures. Depending on the history, environment and situation of each project, Hanloong helps to work out customized operating methods and interior managing systems. Centered to the project, a sustainable ecology system, cultural creation and tangible design will be developed, illustrating the value and vitality of culture in every step.

In the past decade, Hanloong has accomplished dozens of projects in China, themes ranging from creation to programming, from culture to brand, and from marketing to managing. In the future, Hanloong will concentrate on cross-cultural management consulting between China and Canada, familiarizing Canadian corporations or organizations with Chinese commercial culture. With an international vision and cross-cultural context, Hanloong will put the client to the first position as ever and devote itself to contribute practical and valuable solutions to meet customers’ demands.