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  • 112015

    www.loongese.com, designed and technically supported by Hanloong, was publicly released
  • 092015

    Specialized research about Chinese immigrants in Canada, topics including history, distinguished individuals and communities
  • 082015

    Research about brand positioning and integrated marketing in the context of cross culture
  • 062015

    Research about management of multidimensional commitment in mergers and acquisitions
  • 032015

    Specialized research in the varieties of English (dialects) and immigrant’s culture


  • 092014

    Feasibility research of Chinese cultural creative products in Canada and U.S.
  • 052014

    Specialized research in international e-commerce and Internet technology


  • 112013

    Specialized research in customs clearance of import and export as well as logistics between Canada and China
  • 082013

    Specialized research in international trade environment and tax law between Canada and China


  • 052012

    History and humanity research in French communities of Montreal
  • 032012

    Research about staring business in Quebec, Canada


  • 092011

    Fulfillment of Nanpu project: themed as “Hometown in Dream”, the creation of 132-acre Nanpu project was finished by Hanloong and appreciated by the client
  • 082011

    R&D of product manual and consulting technique for Culture Center of Allpku Consulting company
  • 062011

    Field research in Kaifeng city of Nanpu project
  • 062011

    Beginning of Nanpu project: comprehensive investigation surrounded with the theme of “Chefs’ Hometown”, position of local culture and creation of the target region
  • 05.312011

    Start of cultural strategy project in Baoding Electric Power Voc.& Tech. College
  • 042011

    Assistance in the implementation of cultural management project of China Institute of Marie Technology & Economy


  • 10.222010

    Business visit to the U.S.: From October to November, Mr. Guodong Zhang went to U.S. for visiting with Mr. Pu Wang, the founder of Allpku, and 20 partners. They visited Harvard University, MIT, West Point, Wharton School of the University of Pennsylavania and so on.
  • 05.082010

    Beginning of the cultural creation project of Intercontinental Lhasa Paradise: During May, the team travelled through different cities and countryside, like Lhasa, Shannan, Xigaze, Gyangze, Shangri-La, Lijiang, and Jiuzhaigou Valley.
  • 04.222010

    Attendance of Roundtable Forum about leadership and corporate belief: invited by China Business Journal and Guanghua School of Management of Peking University, Mr. Guodong Zhang attended the roundtable forum and made a speech.
  • 05.042010

    Mr. Guodong Zhang was appointed to be tutor of Research Center for Chinese Education and Human Resources at Peking Universtiy.
  • 04.202010

    Inaugurated for one cultural creative project in Great Tang All Day Mall of Xi’an City.
  • 04.112010

    Attendance to the projects’ re-examination in national office of YBC (Youth Business China)
  • 03.232010

    Record of the TV program Wise China: Mr. Guodong Zhang and the anchor Ms. Fei Shi talked about topics like corporate culture, belief of entrepreneur and culture creative consulting.
  • 03.112010

    Exclusive interview by Mr. Yijiang Cao from the magazine Corporate Culture in China and Abroad: topics included corporate culture, city culture, brand and belief, etc. The interview was highly appreciated and published in the 4th issue of this magazine.
  • 02.242010

    Launch of Huguang Guild Hall’s creative project
  • 01.262010

    Beginning of the project of Xieyuda in Mount Huang: During Jan.26 to Feb.5, the team investigated Huizhou region and explored the ancient culture
  • 01.242010

    Annual meeting of Sheng Tang Gu Yi hosted by Mr. Guodong Zhang and Ms. Lin Luo.
  • 01.232010

    Mr. Guodong Zhang was appointed to be professional tutor of MBA program at Beijing Normal University.
  • 01.172010

    Attendance to the forum “Civilized Growth: the Route of Nirvana to Chinese Private Corporations” and made a lecture.
  • 01.092010

    Appreciation of the drama A Good Night and discussion with the producer and director about the status of drama.


  • 12.312009

    Attendance to the annual meeting of Allpku, and Mr. Guodong Zhang made a theme speech about the culture management.
  • 09.052009

    Launch of comprehensive consulting project in Foshan
  • 09.032009

    Beginning of the Old Shunxing Teahouse project
  • 08.142009

    Hosted the summit forum: Mr. Guodong Zhang was invited to host a forum in the summit forum about tea companies
  • 06.082009

    Three-day business visit to Dongda Group in Inner Mongolia
  • 06.052009

    Attendance to the annual meeting of marketing association in Shandong Province and made a speech.
  • 06.012009

    Approval of the project report about culture creation and brand position in Xi’an
  • 052009

    Accomplishment of culture position and creation planning in the project of Yunzhongfu in Datong.
  • 04.212009

    Start of the project about a culture club in Great Tang All Day Mall of Xi’an City.
  • 022009

    A speech about Chinese traditional culture and corporate culture by Mr. Guodong Zhang in a university.


  • 11.162008

    Attendance to the Tea Exhibition on both sides of the Taiwan Straits and the tourism festival of Mount Wuyi
  • 11.032008

    Launch of the Forest Park culture creation project in Qinhuangdao
  • 10.302008

    Mr. Guodong Zhang was appointed as a researcher in Corporate Culture Center at Economic and Management School of Beijing Jiaotong University.
  • 102008

    Acceptance of creative project of Blue Sky Group in Henan
  • 01.102008

    Attendance of Human Resource Strategy Forum between China and South Korea in Jinan and made a theme speech about the core value of corporate culture in human resource development.


  • 11.202007

    Appreciation of the project report from the General Manager and other managers of Quanzhou Branch Company of China Mobile.
  • 10.152007

    Contracted with China Mobile about corporate culture management consulting project, after four-month campaign among 27 consulting companies.
  • 09.202007

    Specific lecture about corporate culture to Tonghua Iron & Steel Group Co. Ltd
  • 07.132007

    Highly appreciated by Beijing Municipal Commission of Commerce for the project of time-honoured brand, Wuyutai Tea
  • 07.032007

    Speech to Baidu about corporate culture construction and implementation
  • 04.272007

    Attendance to the Award Ceremony to 2006 Chinese Most Respected Company hosted by Phoenix TV in Peking University
  • 04.102007

    Highly evaluated for the project of Laoshe Tea House by the client.
  • 042007

    New strategy was established: Mr. Qiang Peng was voted to be Chair of the Board, Mr. Guodong Zhang was appointed to be Executive Director and CEO, and Mr. Ning Liu was appointed to be Chief Designer.
  • 03.092006

    “Appreciated and touched”, said by Ms. Zhijun Yin, the General Manager of Laoshe Tea House, referring to the diagnosis report of this company.
  • 01.162007

    Launch of culture management and creation consulting for Laoshe Tea House.


  • 12.122006

    Attendance to Cultural Creative Industry Forum hosted in the Great Hall of the People.
  • 11.292006

    Beginning of the project about brand marketing for Zhuyeqing green tea.
  • 09.072006

    Presentation of the report for Olympics Branding and Promotion of wuyutai tea company: the report and related solutions were appreciated by the Broad.
  • 08.282006

    Launch of the project about cultural position and function planning for the Museum of Celadon in Song Dynasty.
  • 08.252006

    Mr. Bing Yang was invited to be one expert of Hanloong’s brand marketing team.
  • 07.302006

    Attendance to the Corporate Culture Seminar for celebrating 27th anniversary of Laoshe Tea House.
  • 07.192006

    Start of the project about Olympic Branding and Promotion for wuyutai tea company.
  • 062006

    10-day Team Building Exercise in the suburb of Beijing.
  • 062006

    Attendance to the First Cultural Industry Expo of Shandong Province and the Third Chinese Corporate Culture Forum.
  • 062006

    Launch of project about the creation of cultural street in Spouting Spring Park, Jinan.
  • 062006

    Acquisition of the project about Olympic branding and marketing of wuyutai tea company: through three-round intensive competition and strict review by Beijing Municipal Commission of Commerce.
  • 062006

    Implementation of the project about cultural position and reconstruction for Sansuci in Sichuan.
  • 052006

    Establishment of Sheng Tang Gu Yi Cultural Industry Institute: a result from the cooperation between Hanloong and Sheng Tang Gu Yi
  • 04.222006

    Specific training to China International Talent Development Center about construction and implementation.
  • 042006

    Achievement of the cooperation between Hanloong and Sheng Tang Gu Yi.


  • 12月23日2005

    Communication of the cooperation between Hanloong and Sheng Tang Gu Yi.
  • 07.212005

    Establishment of Hanloong Consulting Company in Beijing