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Address from the Founder

Welcome to Hanloong’s website! Hope you can get a profile about Hanloong, our belief and service.

With the increasing trades between Canada and China, people from these two countries communicate more often than ever, thus the awareness and understanding of two cultures have become more important than before. Given this situation and based on cross-cultural management between Canada and China, Hanloong is aimed to connect commercial cultures and promote communication and cooperation. It focuses on two-way cross-cultural management consulting and research, helping Chinese companies to enter Canadian market, meanwhile assisting Canadian organizations to go to China. This is an exciting and demanding career. We are honoured to get involved in this career, partnering with Canadian and Chinese organizations to promote communication and create value, furthermore, enjoying the pleasure created by culture.

In the spring of 2005, in an apartment of Tsinghua in Beijing, Hanloong was born. It was established by a group of scholars, experts and young men committed to cultural management and cultural creation, who were from Peking University, Tsinghua University and Beijing Jiaotong University. In the past decade, Hanloong has insisted on combining valuable cultural consulting, creative idea, and professional service with practical and profitable solutions, providing cultural atmosphere and creative space for clients. As we know, the demand from client is our orientation. The advantages of Hanloong are not only in the mastery of systematic academic theories, but also in the accumulation of practical experiences. On the basis of these advantages and global vision, Hanloong has become a leading practitioner in the area of cross-cultural consulting between Canada and China, solving problems in cross-cultural business, promoting cultural localization, and providing continuous motivation for transcultural development.

In the past decade, Hanloong has accomplished dozens of projects, each of which is a proof of Hanloong’s ability. The ability is not only shown in the combination of broad commercial culture with specific industry, but also illustrated in the integration of creativity into client’s needs. By cooperating with various clients, Hanloong helped to achieve excellent market performance and continuous growth. Since we all know that our foundation lies in the fulfillment of customer’s value.

What make us distinguished are perseverant professional spirit and renovated steady attitude. Swaying between tradition and fashion, culture and commerce, aestheticism and pragmatism, Hanloong is continuously increasing the ability of serving clients. In the commercial context of cross-culture between Canada and China, to acquire worthy solutions and maintain comparative advantage for the clients are Hanloong’s requirement, as well as mission and obligation.

In the context of Canadian multiple cultures, Hanloong is eager to pursue practical and effective achievements on the basis of Chinese culture and modern Western management thoughts. We believe that you can discover the potential for our cooperation as long as you get to know Hanloong better. This cooperation will not only help to gain promising and profitable results, but also provide an opportunity to let Hanloong serve you, the most valuable organizations in Canada and China.

Founder of Hanloong: Zhang, Guodong


Mr. Guodong Zhang and Ms. Mélanie Joly, Minister of Canadian Heritage