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Cross-cultural Marketing

Centralize advantageous resources; Highlight marketing values

China, an emerging economy with billions of potential consumers, is very attractive to the global capital and companies. Canada, an English-French bilingual and multicultural developed country, has exemplary effects to the European and American markets, and acts as a test market for Chinese products entering into other Western countries.


The aims of cross-cultural marketing are to break the obstructions created by ethnicities, cultures, social regimes, thus let the product and service be accepted and appreciated by customers with various backgrounds.


Consistency is the soul of cross-cultural marketing. Based on the detailed investigations of different markets associated with various ethnicities, and complete comparisons of core information implied in diverse brands, Hanloong figures out the consistent information and spread such information in the process of cross-cultural marketing. As a result, the emotional correlation and loyalty will be built between brand and customer, in spite of the differences between cultures.


Through concise and complete cross-cultural marketing investigations, Hanloong helps the clients to innovate cross-cultural marketing ideas. A competition-orientated trinity system has been constructed, including product culture marketing, brand culture marketing and corporate culture marketing. This system can effectively push forward the promotions of client company’s products and services.