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Cross-cultural Strategy Consulting

Clarify culture system; Renovate Organization

For an organization or a company, the soul is culture, which was generated at the beginning and developed through the process. In the context of multi-culture, the aims of Cross-cultural strategy consulting are multiple: to find advantages, to distinguish individualities, to discover the soul, and to figure out the mission, vision and value of a company. In today’s global village, how to orientate the goal, how to grasp correct methods, how to construct powerful strategy for transcultural development, and how to elevate and renovate the entire company, these are the some of the main concerns of international management.


Through cross-cultural strategy consulting, Hanloong could help you:

  • Clarify history and discover core advantages: sort out main managing ideas and excellent cultural genes, summarize essential factors for success and identify advantages;
  • Diagnose strategy and decide orientation for renovation: Diagnosis of the adaption between managing culture and future development, analysis of the orientation in cultural renovation, and find out the motivation and obstruction of cultural change;
  • Refine individualized culture and build cultural system: select effective and essential elements for cross-cultural strategy, combine culture inheritance with excellent case, and optimize new managing mechanism centered in cultural management to lead the development of the organization.
  • Strengthen managing literacy and elevate brand image: unify strategy management and culture organically, integrate the development of organization with employees’ benefits, and construct brand system and realize cultural marketing by involving culture into brand;
  • Implement solutions and solidify effects: design practical solutions for corporate culture and assist the process of implementation.
  • As a professional cross-culture consulting company between China and Canada, Hanloong is supported by deep understanding of two cultures and rich managerial experience. Pursuing customized and effective outcomes, Hanloong helps clients to define and elevate value, vision, mission and other cultural managing ideas in dynamic multicultural settings. These ideas range from strategic goal, industrial choice, human resource, to marketing, innovation of science and technology, and customer relationship, to name a few. Hanloong’s success result from the devotion and return to our customers.