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Cross-cultural Visual Design

Aggregate communicative effects to target audiences

80% of the information we received come from vision. Through impressive interface, visual design is aimed to get remembered and recognized by target audiences. For a brand, this is the beginning of effective integrated marketing.


Vision, a set of cultural symbols, can influence people’s emotion and generate subtle feelings. A customer may get touched by the visual design, then resonate from deep heart and get identification with the brand. In today’s global economy, due to the diverse backgrounds and values of potential customers, visual design is becoming increasingly important in spreading the spirit and soul of brand.


In the area of web design, our strengths lie in a coordinated process, which ranges from extraction of cultural value, position of brand appeal, construction analysis of website, aesthetic design of webpage, maintenance and management of website, to online integrated marketing. What’s more, these services are carried under the circumstance of cross-culture and multi-language.

Combined with cross-cultural strategy and brand consulting, aimed at effective marketing, and based on the characteristics of targeted audiences, Hanloong helps clients to construct deep-rooted visual systems and achieve goals of visual design.