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Cross-cultural Brand Consulting

Position the core of brand; Focus on commercial value

In everyday life, we are deeply impressed and influenced by some brands. Such impression and influence are so strong that they would not alter despite the changes of culture and environment. These powerful brands all express something in common——the core values.


Core value of a certain brand is the essential appeal of a certain product. Using symbols sensationally and functionally, core value could form the uniqueness and personality, thus play an important role in the consumption.


The primary task of cross-cultural brand consulting is to concentrate on the brand’ core value in the context of cross-culture, considering different cultural backgrounds and demands. Thereafter, Hanloong helps to build and promote brand awareness and reputation, regardless of the boundaries of cultures, and then to achieve international popularity and excellence of the brand.


Due to the difference in Chinese and Canadian cultures, consumers in these two countries are differentiated in brand naming, concept positioning and product acceptance. Just because of the differences, the conflicts about brand cultures will arise. However, this problem can be solved by Hanloong. Depending on knee cultural eyesight, and the method of remodeling and adjusting brand positioning, Hanloong can assist the clients to minimize the harm of brand conflicts. We can help:

  • Grasp the core of brand, define the appeal of value;
  • Extract the essence of brand, construct brand image;
  • Discover the soul of brand, highlight the difference of brands;
  • Bring up the brand, build up popularity.
  • Concentrated on the core value of brand, as well as depended on the demands of various cultures, cross-cultural brand consulting helps to reposition the brand and clarify major appeals, providing effective intellectual support for the internationalization of brand.