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Cross-cultural Education and Training

Select high-quality program to help you study abroad

Well-known for its superior education network, multiple cultures, safe society and splendid nature, Canada attracts numerous international students from all over the world, such as Norway, Sweden, France, China, the UK, the US, etc.


The advantages for studying in Canada are obvious and can be concluded as follows:

  • The fund to education is the highest among G7 countries, and the quality of education is superior;
  • The society, with developed democracy system and stable public security, is multi-cultural and tolerant to various ethnic groups;
  • The education system has combined characteristics and advantages from Europe and America, and the academic certificates are recognized all over the world;
  • The ideal destination for immigration, welcoming international students to become immigrants. Work visa can be applied after graduation, and permanent residence can be applied thereafter;
  • Reasonable tuition fees and living cost comparing to other English-speaking countries, which is a cost-effective choice;
  • Various levels and professions of study, including skill training, professional certificate, and diploma education, thus could meet diverse demands.

    Through the cooperation with educational institutions of three levels: federal, provincial, and municipal, Hanloong provides customized consulting solutions to meet individual demands. By helping fulfill the dream of study abroad, Hanloong assists to realize bigger dreams in life.