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Cross-cultural Exhibition Planning

Promote cultural communication by integrating with commercial operation

Famed for free and diverse culture, rich and fertile nature, pleasant climate, and well-equipped facility, Canada is always a perfect place for international exhibitions. Exhibiting in Canada means multi-culture, professional facility, comforting accommodation, convenient transportation, international gourmet, and outstanding bargain.


Grounded in the good economic and societal settings of Canada, Hanloong focuses on the exhibition of Chinese creative cultural products in Canada. The purposes of such exhibition is not only for the spread of Chinese culture, for the increase of value of Chinese cultural products, but also for the diversity of Canada culture.


To hold or participate the exhibition in Canada is an important method of internationalization for a company. Through engaging in the exhibition, the company can obtain first-hand experience and primary data of the market, recognizing strengths and weaknesses. Furthermore, it is a good way to seek potential cooperation and partners.


By cooperating with government departments and industrial associations, such as Canadian Heritage, Canadian Association of Exposition Management, and Canadian Association of Fairs and Exhibitions, Hanloong is familiar with the policy and up-to-date information. By understanding local history, tradition, taste of art, consumption habit, market size and product level, we can provide specific and professional consulting service to Chinese creative-cultural organizations or other related companies, aiming to promote the internationalization of Chinese culture and product through mutual effort.