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Cross-cultural Creation Consulting

Create cultural demand; Elevate industrial value

Can you image what life will become without creation? What is involved in creation is beyond words. It could bring much fun and rich spiritual experiences to our lives. Definitely, cultural creation is rooted in culture, which is like a large vessel, containing the past and the present, the visionary and the real. To Hanloong, culture is the source of infinite creation, providing ideas, materials, contents and directions.


As a leading practitioner of Neoclassism, Hanloong’s missions focus on exploring the meaning of culture and creating beautiful life. With renovated and stringent working attitudes, Hanloong uses holographic method to carry out cultural management consulting, connecting the creative dots, and forming systematic solutions. The oriented, complete and directive solutions can be used into practice and obtain profits and benefits for the clients.


Through various cases, Hanloong and its partners have accumulated versatile creative ideas and successful projects, including space creation, visual design, tourism planning, brand integration and media communication. The practices and theories have interacted with each other and lead to the methodologies construction in space creation. So far, Hanloong has cooperated with diverse clients to complete projects and demonstrate uniqueness of certain space, such as dwellings, parks, streets, tea houses, chain stores and museums. These three-dimension constructions tell different stories and highlight diverse cultural features of various regions, such as Beijing, Sichuan, Shanghai, Huizhou, Hunan, Fujian, Shandong, and Shanxi, etc. By concentrating on essential products of Chinese cultures, some of which are tea, silk and porcelain, Hanloong has obtained comparative advantages in these areas and could help customers to integrate business models and develop consistently.


Directed by distinct cultural theme, along with combination of modernity, Hanloong uses Neoclassism to express the profoundness and differentiation of Chinese traditional culture. As a consequence, the space is poured into life and becomes a powerful carrier of culture and an important component of high-taste life.


Inherit culture, highlight individuality, contribute sincerely, and create value, these are the eternal pursuit and successful DNA of Hanloong.